ID #20476

Current Salary: $56,500

Preferred Location: Southeast or Open to good opportunity

Professional Objective

A supervisory / management, product development of manufacturing position with an engineering firm that will challenge and enhance my experience, knowledge, skills and years of increasing responsibility

Professional Experience

Product Design and Quality Control
· The design of aluminum parts to reduce costs, machining operations and the number of sub-assemblies required.
· New plastic component part design opportunities using AutoCad to reduce cost, weight, and the number of component parts required
· Advanced research and development for a integrated (PPS) plastic composite fuel rail with metal fuel injector component parts.
· Design of sheet metal component parts to reduce costs and the number of sub-assemblies required.
· The design of die cast component parts for form, fit and function. · Tolerance analysis work for all sub-systems. (Form/fit/function).
· The design of "Y" connectors, female luers, blood bags, and manifold for the medical profession. · The design of test equipment to determine blood leakage rates.
· Design and development responsibility for blood analyzer. (Medical instrumentation) · Printed circuit board design for testing blood samples.
· Printed circuit board design for electrically tuning and integrated fuel rail. · Electrical-mechanical packaging for all copier sub-assemblies.
· The design of mechanisms, injection molded parts and assemblies, die castings, investment castings, metal components (sheet metal stampings), powered metal parts, and machined components parts.
· Copy exit design of gear and transport system for 9400 Xerox copier.
· Designed covers, frames, and hardware for the 3100LDC, 4000, 9200, and 9400 Xerox copiers. · Group leader for the planning and implementation of a "ISO" 9000 program and team player in Quality Circles.
· Failure mod engineering analysis of new component parts.

Process Control/Preventative Maintenance
· The development of fuel injector components parts and process for the encapsulation of metal components in a plastic leak proof integrated fuel rail.
· Analysis of optimum die and molding conditions, processing, and preventative maintenance programs.
· The writing of both process control procedures and preventative maintenance programs.

Machining and Fixture Design
· The generation of machining drawings for components parts using geometric tolerances to define form, fit, and function.
· Design concepts for jig and fixtures for milling, drilling, CNC machining, Arc-welding, precision boring, inspection, and assembly.
· The generation of machining cost estimates for milling, EDM, drilling, reaming, tapping, lathe work, and welding.
· Liaison between engineering model shop and plant. Resolve manufacturability issues to ensure all parts were delivered on time, defect free, and at or below estimated cost.

Tooling and Manufacturing
· The planning and layout of "work cells" for efficient and cost effective manufacturing operations.
· Responsible for design review of customer specifications for tooling and components. (Supplier liaison)
· Manufacturability / tolerance analysis work for all component sub-systems. (Form/fit/function)
· Liaison between engineering, model shop, and die and molding manufacturers. Resolved manufacturability issues to ensure all parts were delivered on time, defect free, and at or below cost. · The generation of technical specifications for mold and die purchasers for class "A" molds for the medical industry.
· Mold and die manufacturer selection and certification.
· Mold and die design, tooling debug, and the analysis for optimum tooling construction.

· Project scheduling and management using world class timing.
· Return on investment.
· Manpower planning.
· Equipment acquisition. (Capital plan)
· Cost determination. (Tooling, component, assemblies)
· Efficiency / utilization analysis.
· Performance planning and appraisals.

Employment History

Windshield Wiper Component Manufacturer (Tier 1) NY 6 years
Diecast Manufacturing Manager

Large Toy Manufacturer NY 3 years
Plastics Engineer

IBM 10 years
Dayton NJ - Biomedical Systems
Charlotte NC - Computer Printers
Staff Engineer Scientist

Xerox Corp. NY 7 years
Product Design Engineer

Education Background

BS Mechanical Engineering Rochester Institute of Technology

MS Mechanical Engineering Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute