Candidate #20472

Current Salary: $54,000

Location Preferred: CO, UT, OR, WA. Carolinas



Brigham Young University 1993
Emphasis in Material Science, thermodynamics and combustion



Heavy Aircraft Equipment Manufacturer Utah 3 years

Mechanical Design Engineer

-Directed $3 million industrial diamond press engineering and construction project.
Incorporated state of the art technologies into the design to make processes more efficient and Precise. Provided technical support for trouble shooting and repair. Provided improvements, Upgrades, support, and training in visits to European plant.
-Designed and programmed C language computer control system which coordinated
movements of six independently operated hydraulic rams to 0.010" at 1600 tons force.
Developed graphical displays, which facilitated problem detection and diagnosis.
Press Department Manager
-Managed and scheduled a production department with 20employees over a 24 hour
operation. Developed problem identification and process improvement programs.
-Established incentives, motivation, and training which doubled product output and
increased yield by 15 percent.
-Developed financial reports to provide decision-making information for managers.
-Worked with Quality Control department to implement ISO 9000 procedures.
Diamond Development Team
-Developed an original sub-micron composite diamond layer which achieved a 100%
improvement in lab and field-tests and has sold over $1.5 million in oil drilling market.
-Invented new procedures for diamond production, which increased profits by 20%.
-Awarded "Most Valuable Employee" of 1995 by owner.

VanWagenen Finance Orem Utah 4 years

-Responsible for product research, purchasing, marketing, inventory and sales.


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Porto, Portugal 1987-1989


-Church leader over 80 members and volunteers. Planned and conducted meetings,
coordinated youth activities, taught classes and trained new volunteers.
-Fluent in Portuguese speaking, reading and writing.



Enjoy basketball, computers and reading. Good knowledge of Word, Access, Excel.